About Sheer Fun For Cats

There are 85 million house cats in America. These cats have amazing athletic and problem-solving abilities to hunt, stalk, and catch prey, but often domestic life gives them little chance to engage their special skills. As a result, many of our cats experience boredom and even stress, which can have harmful effects on their health and can lead to undesirable and destructive behaviors. I have invented a new cat toy that will motivate cats to play the way nature intended, engaging their inner tiger.

If you share a home with cats, this is likely what your floor looks like:

Yet your cats have no interest in these toys.


Sheer Fun For Cats is a completely new concept. There is no other toy like it on the market. It brings out a cat’s natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk, and pounce! Old toys become new again when seen through Sheer Fun. And exciting, stimulating play can help keep your cats healthier.

Why Will My Cat Love Sheer Fun for Cats?

  • Engages your cat's natural instinct to hunt, stalk and play in a healthy and safe environment
  • Exercises your cat's mind AND body
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Helps decrease behaviors caused by boredom, anxiety, and stress
  • Cats can see and not be seen
  • It's Sheer Fun!

Why Will I Love Sheer Fun for Cats?

  • Excellent value at an affordable price
  • It's easy to move around the house and use in a variety of ways
  • Old toys will become new just by tossing them behind or underneath the sheer
  • Small, discreet and quiet
  • A fantastic way to play and bond with your cat!


How Will My Cat and I Play with Sheer Fun for Cats?

Hang it under a table or drape over a chair.



Old toys become new again.

Cover your cat's carrier for a calmer car trip or visit to the vet.

Let Your Cats Discover Their Favorite Way to Play!


    About the Inventor, Carolyn Keene


    I’ve loved animals since I was a little girl. Their innocence and curiosity has always fascinated me. As an adult, I represented foster children in the court system as a Guardian Ad Litem for many years. One day when I arrived to visit several foster children, the kids pulled me into the backyard where they had found 3 tiny kittens. The mother had been hit by a car and her babies were helpless and vulnerable. I was incredibly moved by these children, with no permanent home of their own, who were so concerned for these orphaned kittens.

    I brought all of the kittens home with me and bottle fed them until they were strong enough and old enough for me to find them forever homes. I adopted one of these kittens and named him Trooper.

    I’d grown up with dogs mostly and had never really considered myself a cat person. Trooper changed all that. He opened my eyes to how amazing these beautiful creatures are and how devoted and loving they are as pets, and more importantly, family members.

    I owned a pet sitting business for many years and saw that my clients' cats, like my own, had toys EVERYWHERE, but had no interest in playing with them. One day I started laying tissue paper on top of the toys and all of a sudden, the cats became much more interested in the toys. Of course, I'd return to find shreds of paper all over the floor! I noticed my cats loved to play in and out of the sheer curtains I had in my bedroom, that is until one day the entire rod and curtain pulled out of the wall and fell on the floor. It was at that moment I came up with the idea for Sheer Fun For Cats. 

    Trooper loved this product. He especially enjoyed hiding under or behind the sheer while stalking his favorite toy. Maybe he thought it made him invisible to his prey or maybe he just liked a fun game of hide and seek. The sheer made all of his toys new again. Every time I moved it from under a table to a chair, from one room to the next, it was as if I’d given him a brand new toy.

    When Trooper passed away unexpectedly from cancer two years ago, I made myself (and Trooper) a promise to share this toy with as many cats and the people who love them as I could.

    (Creator, Carolyn Keene resides in Boca Raton, Florida)