Patient Privacy Screen- Veterinary Care / Shelters - On Sale!

Patient Privacy Screen- Veterinary Care / Shelters - On Sale!

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Elevate your level of care. This 16” x 16” see through screen can help lower a cat’s stress level during a visit to the vet or a new intake at a rescue. Attach to the front of the cage using the ties. This can be in place of or in addition to a towel, kitty can see what’s happening yet feel safe and hidden. Kitty won’t be startled and blinded by the bright lights flooding in when a towel is removed. Machine wash and dry. Made in the USA. (Rescues please email me for discount)


For a while, I was looking for a solution to using an opaque towel to provide privacy and stress relief for our patients while in hospital, and that would allow us to monitor them visually. The only way to visually monitor patients hidden behind a dark towel thrown over the kennel door is to lift the towel, which brings the environment from dark to bright within a few seconds. On itself, it increases the stress because of the intrusion.


After considering several options, I came across the Patient Privacy Screen ™ (PPS). With the PPS, no need to cover the entire kennel door as the patients feel safe with only their faces behind the screen. Not having to cover the whole door with a towel, and because the PPS allows for the light to go through, this provides a  more stable brightness of the environment and will enable us to monitor our patients visually while respecting their privacy.

At first, we thought to use the product only with our feline patients until we realized that our small nervous canine patients also benefited from the PPS.

Additionally to improving patient wellbeing by reducing stress, the PPS cost less than a towel, can be laundered with our regular laundry. We can now use the towels as bedding instead of using them like a curtain.

I wish I had discovered this product sooner, as this has elevated our standard of care. I highly recommend it for your patients.


Daniel H, RVT